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Our deep network of professionals can provide the service and support medical professionals need. Whether you’re signing your first employment contract, building your practice, or preparing to retire, we can help you achieve your goals.

Risk Mitigation

Your ability to earn an income is generally your most valuable asset. We provide full insurance and risk management review services for both personal and professional needs.

Employment Contracts

Our contract review process from a financial perspective will help clarify whether the legal documents you sign will address your financial needs now, and in the future.

Practice Management

From setting up your business structure to winding down your practice, our knowledgeable team including carefully selected industry professionals will ensure your practice has everything needed to be successful.

Asset Protection

Malpractice insurance is only the beginning. We'll work with you to develop a defensive strategy to help protect potential liability exposure you may have.

Investment Management

After an in-depth review of your entire financial portfolio (including insurance, investments, expenses, and debt) we'll present you with a diversified, tax-efficient, and personalized investment strategy.

Life Planning

Our services extend beyond your professional and business needs. We can work with you to create a plan to address life's biggest milestones from buying a home to retirement.

"What you do is your history, what you set in motion is your legacy."



Frontier’s Business Medical Education Curriculum provides educational sessions to residents and fellows on the following subject matters:


This introductory session will introduce the Frontier team and provide an overview of the healthcare landscape and the impact on the student’s future. We will analyze medical reform proposals of the primary presidential candidates plus recent regulatory changes. This interactive session will also provide the students an opportunity to address what specific issues they have, so that the Frontier team makes sure to tackle those in future sessions.


Frontier will stress the importance of budgeting and saving. We will show the students how much they will need to save in order to reach their retirement goals. We will present a case study on two different types of savers to demonstrate the powerful impact of compounding interest.


This session will analyze debt – good vs. bad. We will allot significant time to student loans and compare available options (refinance, consolidation, income based repayment, and loan forgiveness programs). We will analyze the two main student loan consolidators (DRB vs SOFI). We will walk students through owning vs. leasing a car/home. We will discuss the role of interest rates as well as the emotional and financial responses to debt.


Frontier will introduce students to the basics of investments and the types of retirement accounts they should own. We will cover topics such as opportunity costs, stocks, bonds, passive vs. active investing, diversification, and Roth vs. tax deferred assets. Additionally, we will provide a crash course on taxation and individual tax saving strategies.


Frontier will introduce the students to disability insurance and the importance of obtaining this coverage while young and still in training. We will educate the students on the different tiers and types of riders. We will provide recommendations on which coverage is suitable for medical professionals from an independent perspective. We will also discuss the role life insurance plays and the importance of purchasing an umbrella policy.


This introductory session will outline the importance of asset protection for doctors. We will discuss basic planning techniques vs. advanced strategies. We will also describe estate planning and how it’s crucial to plan early and throughout their career. We will reveal the five main documents every person should have, last will and testament, durable power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, healthcare directives, and HIPAA agreement.

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