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Comprehensive planning to help build your legacy

Estate planning is a critical component of wealth management, focusing on the effective transfer of assets and the preservation of wealth across generations. Frontier plays a crucial role in helping clients develop comprehensive estate planning strategies that align with their financial goals and ensure the seamless transfer of assets to heirs or beneficiaries. These strategies encompass a range of tools and techniques to minimize taxes, protect assets, and provide for the client’s desired legacy.

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Helping with documents and family dynamics

One fundamental aspect of estate planning is the creation of a well-structured will or trust. Frontier advisors work closely with clients to understand their family dynamics, financial situation, and philanthropic goals. By crafting a carefully articulated will or trust, individuals can designate how their assets should be distributed, specify guardianship for minor children, and potentially reduce estate taxes through various legal mechanisms.

Regular reviews and updates are essential in estate planning, as changes in tax laws, family dynamics, and financial circumstances may necessitate adjustments to the plan. Frontier maintains ongoing relationships with clients, conducting periodic reviews to ensure that the estate plan remains aligned with the client’s goals and reflects their current wishes.


Using trusts and charitable tools to pass on wealth

Another key consideration in estate planning is minimizing tax liabilities. Frontier often employs strategies such as gifting, charitable giving, and the use of trusts to optimize the transfer of assets in a tax-efficient manner. Gift and estate tax exemptions, along with various trust structures, provide opportunities to help protect assets from excessive taxation, allowing more wealth to be passed on to future generations.


Helping to ensure financial security

Insurance planning is also a vital component of estate planning strategies. Wealth management professionals assist clients in evaluating their insurance needs, including life insurance and long-term care coverage, to help provide financial security for heirs and help mitigate potential liquidity challenges during the estate settlement process.


Building balanced succession strategies

Succession planning for family businesses is another critical element within estate planning. Frontier works with business owner clients to create strategies that ensure a smooth transition of ownership and management, balancing the financial needs of the retiring generation with the aspirations and capabilities of the succeeding generation.


Creating estate plans that endure

Estate planning strategies within Frontier are comprehensive and powerful, encompassing legal, financial, and personal considerations. By collaborating with clients, understanding their different circumstances, and utilizing various tools and techniques, Frontier advisors aim to create robust estate plans that protect assets, minimize tax liabilities, and provide a lasting legacy for future generations. Through these strategic approaches, Frontier helps clients navigate the complexities of estate planning, ultimately to help ensure the effective transfer of wealth and the preservation of financial legacies.



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