Our Clients

As the investment marketplace has become dramatically more complex, we offer individuals, families and institutions a robust selection of investment management solutions.


We design, implement and oversee our clients’ fixed income, equity and alternative investment portfolios on a fee-only basis, as well as address their requirements for financial planning and transition strategies.

Why “Fee-Only” Wealth Management?

At Frontier, we receive a fee that’s based on how well your investment has done. Since our goal is the same as yours, we are in effect sitting on the same side of the table as you are. Transaction-based brokers, on the other hand, make their living by earning commissions on what they sell regardless of how well an investment performs.

Relax and explore

We believe that Frontier clients can quickly come to rely upon us to advocate for their investment interests, while providing a high degree of fiduciary peace-of-mind.

We address each unique situation with empathy, responsiveness and discretion while conducting our business with the highest degree of professionalism.